Frequently Asked Questions

Can I visit and observe the facility?
Yes, you can.
Please let us know your intention to observe the facility at the General Reception desk. Observation time is 30 minutes.
If you are a guardian of a child, please inform us of the fact at the reception desk.
I am not a Minato City resident. Can I use the facility?
Yes, you can.
Please buy a general ticket at a ticket vending machine to use the facility.
If you want to regularly use the facility, please present a valid ID. Then, you can create a registration card and add money to it for use.
Please note that, however, you cannot demand a refund. (You can only put 5,000 yen or 10,000 yen on your card.)
What do I need to use the facility?
To use the Training Room or Sports Hall, you need indoor shoes, workout clothes, and towels.
To use the Pool, you need a swimming cap, swimming wear and towels (and goggles if necessary).
To use the badminton and table tennis facilities, please bring your racket, ball, and/or shuttlecock.
What should I bring to complete Worker Registration?
Please bring the certificates that have your name, name of company and address of company.
You cannot register with a business card alone. You can register with a business card when you also present your employee ID and health insurance card with the name of your company.
If you are a part-time or dispatched worker, you need an employment certificate and contract which bear your company's seal and are dated within 3 months of the date of issue. If you are a sole proprietor, you need an employment certificate (personal seal not accepted) and a tax payment certificate.

[Combinations of certificates]
- Employee ID and health insurance card (with the name of your company) + business card (with the name of your company same as above, and address in Minato City)
- Employment contract (dated within 3 months of the date of issue) + valid ID (driver's license, health insurance card, or certificate of residence)
- Employment certificate (dated within 3 months of the date of issue, bearing your company's seal) + valid ID (driver's license, health insurance card, or certificate of residence)
Where can I view the schedule for using the facilities for personal use?
It is at the middle of the top page of our website.
The personal use schedule discloses the schedule for three days including the current day. Please check it.
Can you keep my bulky baggage at the Reception desk?
No, we do not keep baggage at the Reception desk or any other place. If you have any baggage larger than a locker, please take care of it yourself. Your understanding is appreciated.
Can I enter the facility with a wheelchair?
Yes, you can enter and use the facility with a wheelchair.
There is an accessible restroom on every floor.
To use the pool, please change your wheelchair to a dedicated one in the multipurpose changing room.
Some machines in the Training Room can be used with a wheelchair.
There is a shower booth exclusive for wheelchair users in the changing room on the 5th floor.
Is there a lactation room?
Yes, it is on the 4th floor. Get off the elevator and turn right. Then there is a lactation room next to the Martial Arts Center.
Can I leave a stroller at the Reception desk?
No, you cannot leave a stroller at the Reception desk.
Please place it beside the entrance of the facility you want to use, and take care of it yourself.
Please put all valuables into the safe box or hold onto them yourself.
Can I use the Outdoor Running Course when it's raining?
We are sorry, but you cannot use the Outdoor Running Course when it's raining.
Please use the Indoor Running Course or a treadmill in the Training Room instead.
Who should I contact in case I lost my belongings?
Please contact the General Reception desk.
We keep lost items for three months.
We turn in valuables to the police at the beginning of every month.
In addition, we dispose of lost umbrellas at the beginning of every month because there are too many of them. Your understanding is appreciated.
Can I take a photo or video inside the facility?
No, taking photos or videos is prohibited inside the facility.
In case you want to take photos during Group Use of the Whole Area, please apply for photograph permission at the General Reception desk.
Is there any equipment available for rent?
The following equipment can be rented at the facility:
- Wear (tops) (bottoms), shoes: 300 yen for each
- Badminton set (two rackets/two shuttlecocks): 1,000 yen
- Table tennis set (two rackets/two balls): 1,000 yen
They are available at the facility. We do not rent swimming wear nor swimming caps.
The equipment is in limited supply. We may not be able to provide them according to circumstances. Your understanding is appreciated.
We also sell towels (200 yen) and pairs of socks (300 yen).
Can I personally reserve a badminton court?
No, you cannot reserve courts for personal use. A user lottery system will be used when the courts are crowded.
The lottery begins at 9:55am, 12:55pm, and 5:55pm.
*From August 1st, the lottery will begin at 8:55am.
If a court is not reserved as a result of the lottery, re-lottery is conducted at 55 minutes past every hour.
At the re-lottery, priority is given in the following order:
(1) A user who has not used the court on that day
(2) A user who could not use the court in the previous time slot
(3) A user who is currently using the court (users of the remaining courts are decided by lottery among the representatives who want to use them) The re-lottery time frame after 6pm varies by day of week. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: 30 minutes. Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Holiday: 45 minutes.
hursday: 60 minutes for Sub-Arena after 6pm
*Regarding personal use with instructors, lottery or re-lottery is conducted as per instructions from the instructors. Please note that the lottery method may be different from the above.
From when can I apply for the Sports Center project?
You can apply starting from the middle of the month in February, May, August, and November.
For details, please check the dedicated website.
Is eating or drinking allowed in the facility?
Drinking for hydration is allowed in every facility.
Please use a container with a lid.
You can have refreshments only at the round tables on every floor.
Please do not eat soup because it cannot be thrown away.
Your understanding and cooperation is appreciated.
Is there a smoking room?
No, smoking is prohibited anywhere on the premises, including the inside of the facility.
There is a smoking room at Tamachi Station.
I lost my locker key. What should I do?
Please let the staff at the General Reception desk know that you have lost your key.
You must pay a 1,000 yen fee if you have lost a locker key.
Can I swim at the bottom of the pool?
No, swimming at the bottom is prohibited in the facility. Your understanding is appreciated.
Q. Is diving allowed in the pool?
No, diving is prohibited because the pool is not a dedicated pool for diving.
Your understanding is appreciated.
Can I take photos at the pool?
No, taking photos is prohibited at the pool.
Do I need a towel at the pool?
Yes, please make sure to bring your towel and wipe your body before going back to the changing room.
If you forget to bring a towel, we sell towels at the Pool Reception desk.
Can you teach me how to use fitness equipment?
There are scheduled orientations that explain the usage. In addition, you can feel free to ask our staff.
Can I measure body fat?
Yes. We have simple body fat scales and also a precision body composition analyzer called “InBody” which requires a fee to use (300 yen).
Is personal training available?
External trainers are prohibited from providing personal training advice or instruction to others.
If we find such a person giving any advice or instruction and he/she does not follow our staff’s instructions, we will not allow him/her to use the facility.
Can I use a smartphone or cell phone?
No, please refrain from using a phone in the facilities in principle, because it will interfere with training.
When using cardio machines such as bikes and treadmills in the Training Room, you are allowed to use a phone except for talking, taking photos, and recording.
When using weight machines and massage equipment or when stretching in the stretching zone, you are not allowed to use a phone.
How old does a person have to be in order to use the facilities?
The Training Room and Sports Hall 1 are available to junior high school students or older. The Pool is available to ages three and older (as long as the child is toilet trained).
For other facilities, please refer to the “Ages eligible for use” list.
Can I use a meeting room?
The meeting room can only be used by registered gymnastic organizations.
Can I personally reserve a facility?
No, those who are registered as an individual cannot reserve the facilities for group purposes.
To reserve a facility, you must register as a group.
If I register as a group, which facilities can I use?
You can use gymnastic facilities in Minato City as well as all the facilities of Minato City Sports Center.
However, some of the facilities are still unavailable for use. For details, please contact us.
How can I register as a group?
Please fill out the “membership application form for group use” and the “group list” on our facility’s website or the Minato City Office Sports Center website. Then, a representative of your group should make application at the General Reception desk in our facility.
To apply, you need the necessary documents and extra copies of those documents. For details about the necessary documents, please check the group use page.
Do I need to renew group registration?
Yes, you need to renew group registration every three years from the date of registration.
If your group registers as a youth group, you need to renew registration every year.
How should I modify information regarding group registration (representative name, etc.)?
To modify information such as the group name, representative name, and password, a representative should bring a registration card and carry out procedures at the General Reception desk at our facility.
Can I get registered in more than one group?
Multiple registration by the same group is not allowed. In addition, a person cannot be registered in more than one group.
Two or more members of the same group cannot be registered also in another group.
If a group is found to be wrongfully registered also as another group, registration of both groups may be deleted.
How can I change the activity that I've planned?
To change the activity, please contact us via FAX or website by the day before the activity's scheduled date.
Can I use the facility for more than one activity?
Sorry, but you cannot.
You can only use the activity you selected in the reservation system.
What should I do if I forgot the group password?
A group representative should come to the General Reception desk at our facility. Then, we will give him/her the password after confirming his/her identity.
What should I do if I want to cancel the reservation?
To cancel your reservation or application for lottery, please delete it yourself.
Is it possible to use the facilities to hold a festival (competition, show, etc.) or an event?
In our facilities, general groups or external organizations cannot hold a festival (competition, show, etc.) or event.
We only approve events such as competitions mainly hosted by sports development businesses or gymnastic associations in Minato City.
Is filming for TV allowed?
No, filming for TV is prohibited. If you want to discuss using the facilities for filming, please contact the Minato City sports promotion department.
After signing in to use the facility, can I leave the facility for a short time?
You are allowed to go out within 1 hour and once a day. When going out, please contact the General Reception desk.
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  • Training Room, Pool and Sports Halls can be used until 10:00pm.
  • Final entry at 9:30pm
■Center Holidays
  • End/start of yearDecember 31-January 3
  • 1st Monday of each monthWhen this falls on a holiday, the next day will be a facility holiday.