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Personal Use

Personal use is not restricted to Minato City residents, and is open to anyone. All Minato City residents, workers, students, elderly people, and handicapped individuals must register. Non-Minato City residents do not have to register. For more information on how to use the Center, check the following.

Entry Fee

Category Entry Fee (in yen)
City Resident 500
City Worker
City Student
General (Outside of City) 800
Elementary, junior high, high school students 100
City Residents 65 years or older
Handicapped City Residents, Preschoolers
  • *Pool can be used for up to two hours. An overstay charge of 250 yen for adults and 50 yen for elementary/junior high/high school students applies every subsequent hour.
  • *High school students must present their student IDs showing the school they are currently attending. (Commuting passes and insurance cards may not be used.)
  • *Only junior high school students or older may use the Training Room.


Minato City residents, workers, students, seniors and persons with disabilities must register to use these facilities. After registering, you will be issued an Individual Membership (ID) card. (Registration is free.)
Upon registration, to prevent fraudulent submissions or illicit billing by third parties, and to protect personal information, we require identification of the individual in person or your employment certificate at the reception desk.
Registration must be done in person, and cannot be done through a proxy. Additionally, individual registration is only available to persons 16 years of age or older.
We require you to present a valid personal ID when registering. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.
The personal ID you bring to register will vary with the registration category.
Moreover, ID with an expiry date must be valid at the time of registration.

For more information on any procedures not given below, or if you have any questions, please refer to the frequently asked questions.

Registration ID Documents

Registration Category Accepted ID Documents Not Accepted
Residents’ Registration
(including seniors age 65 or older)
  • ・Driver’s license
  • ・Health insurance ID card
  • ・Certificate of residence
  • ・Basic resident register
  • ・Individual Number Card (with photo)
  • ・Residence Card
  • ・Special permanent resident certificate
  • ・Driving record
  • ・Nursing insurance card
  • ・Passport
  • ・Notification card
  • ・Pension Handbook
  • ・Mail
  • ・International driver’s license
  • ・Proof of personal seal registration
  • ・Membership ID to a mutual association
  • ・Receipt of public utility bill
  • ・Copy of family register
  • ・Abstract of family register
  • ・Patient consultation ticket
  • ・Credit card
  • ・ATM card
  • ・Bankbook
  • ・Membership cards
Required Information
You are required to present a valid identity document issued from a government agency that displays your name, date of birth and your address in Minato City.
Registration Category Accepted ID Documents Not Accepted
Worker Registration
Regular employee
  • ・Employee ID
  • ・Health insurance card
  • ・Employment certificate
  • ・Employment contract
  • ・Business card
  • ・Mail
  • ・Notification of business opening
  • ・Application form for approval to file a blue tax return
  • ・Record of withholding
Part-time worker
  • ・Employment certificate
  • ・Employment contract
Dispatched worker
  • ・Employment certificate
  • ・Employment contract
Business operator
  • ・Employment certificate (personal seal not accepted)
  • ・Tax payment certificate
Required Information

The above five certificates have your name, name of place of business, and address of place of business. Additionally, you cannot register with a business card alone. You can register with a business card when you also present your employee ID and health insurance card with the name of your place of business.

Employment certificates or contracts must have your name, place of work, address of place of work, date of issue, and your affiliation, and must bear your company’s seal, and should be dated within 3 months of the date of issue. Additionally, you will be required to present an official identity document.
Registration Category Accepted ID Documents Not Accepted
Student Registration
University/Technical school
  • ・Student ID
  • ・Certificate of attendance
  • ・Commuting ticket
  • ・Health insurance card
High school
100 yen (registration unnecessary)
Junior high school
100 yen (registration unnecessary)
Elementary school
100 yen (registration unnecessary)
Pre-school age children
Required Information
Please bring documents issued by your school proving you are enrolled.
Any of the above documentation indicating your name, school name, date of birth, and your school address will be required.
Registration Category Accepted ID Documents Not Accepted
Disabled Minato City resident
  • ・Physically disabled person’s handbook
  • ・Intellectually disabled person’s handbook
  • ・Rehabilitation handbook (for an intellectually disabled person)
  • ・Mentally disabled person’s health and welfare handbook
  • ・Tokyo patient ticket (pink and blue copies only)
  • ・Notice of acceptance of disability classification
  • ・Notice of acceptance of disability assistance classification
  • ・Certificate of recipient status of specific medical expenses supple system (designated for incurable illnesses)
  • ・Commuting ticket
  • ・Driver’s license
  • ・Health insurance card
  • ・Certificate of residence
  • ・Basic resident register
  • ・Individual Number Card (with photo)
Required Information
Please bring documents proving you are a disabled resident of Minato City. Any of the above documentation indicating your name and home address will be required.
Registration Category Accepted ID Documents Not Accepted
General 800 yen
(registration impossible)
Required Information
You can create a card that can be charged. To have a card issued to you, you must present your ID and fill out a registration form.
  • *We will issue an Individual Membership (IC) Card (free of charge) to those who individually registered. Always bring your Membership Card when using the facilities.
  • *Handicapped Minato City residents who use the facilities may be accompanied by one caretaker free of charge.
  • *The Card is valid for 3 years

Information on Use

For personal use, facilities that are displayed as open for personal use are available. The sport changes with the day of the week and time slot. Check the individual open schedule before coming.
The Training Room and pool are open for personal use throughout the day.

Rules and Manners

  • When using sports facilities, please bring your own training wear and indoor shoes.
  • Minato City Sports Center and the surrounding courtyard of Minato Park Shibaura are entirely non-smoking.
  • Please refrain from eating outside of the designated areas in the facilities.
  • Please bring your own sports gear when using the sports facilities. (Some rentals are available.)
  • Elementary/junior high school-age children using the facilities after 6pm must be accompanied by a high school-age or older individual. (Up to two children may be accompanied by an older companion.)
  • Only experienced practitioners are permitted to use the Martial Arts Centers for personal use. Beginners can use the Centers with an experienced practitioner or can participate in Regular Classes.
  • Individuals with tattoos are asked to cover their tattooed areas while they use the facilities.
  • Please put all valuables into the safe box. We accept no responsibility for lost items.
  • Personal instructing and teaching other including groups are not permitted. Also, using the facility for profit-making purposes is not permitted.
  • Photography and recording are not permitted with cameras or cell phones. If you are discovered engaging in this behavior, you will be asked to delete all of the data.
  • There are other usage guidance and rules for each sports facility. Please check before using.
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■Operating Hours


  • Training Room, Pool and Sports Halls can be used until 10:00pm.
  • Final entry at 9:30pm
■Center Holidays
  • End/start of yearDecember 31-January 3
  • 1st Monday of each monthWhen this falls on a holiday, the next day will be a facility holiday.