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Minato City Sports Center has fully equipped facilities centered on a training room and pool used by people of all ages. The Center also contains a large arena and sub-arena suitable for a variety of spectator sports and numerous other sports rooms and martial arts centers.

Sports Halls 2 & 38F

Sports Hall 2

This Sports Hall is meant primarily for the popular sport of badminton.

  • ◯4 badminton courts: 32m x 22m x 9.6m (height)
    Groups may reserve 1 court at a time.

Sports Hall 3

This Sports Hall is for table tennis only.

  • ◯18 table tennis tables: 25m x 22m x 9.6m (height)
    Groups may reserve 3 tables at a time.

Floor Map


Running Courses (Indoor/Outdoor)6.7F

Indoor running course (6th Floor)

Indoor/outdoor running courses with a 200-meter lap.
The outdoor course has the best scenery!

  • ◯Walking and Running
  • ◯1 lap=200 meters

Outdoor running course (7th Floor)

  • ◯Walking and Running
  • ◯1 lap=200 meters *Weather permitting

Floor Map



Arena, Sub-Arena5F


This well-lit, wide arena can be used for various competitive sports.

  • ○Floor space: 50m x 40m x 15m (height)
  • ○Spectator seats: 500 (fixed)
  • ○Court configurations:
    2 volleyball courts
    2 basketball courts
    8 badminton areas


The Sub-Arena can be used for many purposes.

  • ○Floor space: 44m x 25m x 15m (height)
  • ○Spectator seats: none
  • ○Court configurations:
    1 volleyball court
    1 basketball court
    4 badminton areas
    4 paddle tennis courts
    1 futsal field

Floor Map


Martial Arts Centers 1, 2, 34F

Martial Arts Center 1

  • ◯Judo, Aikido, Tai chi, Qigong etc.
    (32m x 15m x 4m)
    Tatami mats

Martial Arts Center 2

  • ◯Kendo, Naginata, Karate etc.
    (32m x 15m x 4m)
    Wooden flooring with spring under padding

Martial Arts Center 3

  • ◯Kyudo, Archery
    (Kyudo shooting distance: 28m, Archery shooting distance: 30m)
    Also available for use by wheelchair.
    Experienced practitioners with their own equipment only please.

Floor Map





This large pool complex features 1 large pool with 6 25-meter lanes and 2 walking lanes, as well as a small pool with a movable floor and Jacuzzis.

  • ◯Large pool:
    For swimming (six 25m lanes; 1.25m depth)
    For walking (two 25m lanes; 1.05m depth)
  • ◯Small pool:
    (13m x 7m) depth-adjustable floor (70cm-1m)
  • ◯Two Jacuzzis
  • ◯Warming room

Floor Map


Training Room, Sports Hall 1, Multipurpose Room3F

Training Room (Gym)

The Training Room is divided into a gym area and a studio area. There are numerous machines in the gym.

  • ◯Weight machines (36)
  • ◯Cardio machines (44)

Training Room (Studio)

The studio is always lively with a multitude of different lessons.

  • ◯Studio lessons program (over 80 lessons per week)

Sports Hall 1

The Sports Hall can be used for a variety of purposes, including dance and culture lessons.

  • ◯Approx. 25m x 14m x 3.5m (height)
  • ◯Mirrored walls can be divided into 2 sections.

Multipurpose Room

The Multipurpose Room can be used for dance, aerobics, seminars and lectures, and other activities.

  • ◯Approx. 19m x 10m x 3.5m (height)

Floor Map


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■Operating Hours


  • Training Room, Pool and Sports Halls can be used until 10:00pm.
  • Final entry at 9:30pm
■Center Holidays
  • End/start of yearDecember 31-January 3
  • 1st Monday of each monthWhen this falls on a holiday, the next day will be a facility holiday.