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Open to Personal Use

There are time slots for personal use for each Sports Hall/Martial Arts Center. For personal use time slots, please check the website etc. (You can see the schedule for today, tomorrow, and the day after.)
It is possible to use the facilities for personal use for the following sports.

Martial Arts Centers

Martial Arts Centers
  • Kendo
  • Karate
  • Naginata
  • Judo
  • Aikido
  • Kyudo
  • Archery
  • Folk song
  • Folk dance


Eligibility General (high school age or older):
• Kyudo • Aikido • Kendo • Folk song • Folk dance • Karate • Judo • Naginata • Archery
Elementary/Junior high school students:
• Children's Kendo • Children's Judo • Children's Naginata • Children's Karate
Fees General: 200 yen per session
Elementary/junior high school students: Free
*Seniors aged 65 or older and persons with a disability are free.
How to Participate
  • Fill out the 'Regular Class Observation Form' available at the Reception Desk.
  • First, you'll observe the class, receive explanations from the instructor, and sign the Observation Form. Then, if you apply to participate at the Reception Desk, we will issue you a 'Regular Class Membership Card'.
  • Participation tickets for regular classes cannot be purchased with an Individual Membership (IC) Card.
  • If individuals who participate in regular classes wish to use the pool or training room, a separate individual use fee will apply.
  • If a regular class falls on a holiday, the class will not convene.
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■Operating Hours


  • Training Room, Pool and Sports Halls can be used until 10:00pm.
  • Final entry at 9:30pm
■Center Holidays
  • End/start of yearDecember 31-January 3
  • 1st Monday of each monthWhen this falls on a holiday, the next day will be a facility holiday.