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Running Course (indoor/outdoor)

Running Course (indoor/outdoor)
Running Course (indoor/outdoor)

Usage Information

  • There is the “Indoor running course” on the 6F and the “Outdoor running course” on the 7F.
  • One lap on either running course is 200 meters.
  • The running direction of the running courses changes depending on the day. When using a running course, please check the guidance board to avoid running in the opposite direction.
  • Indoor running course “Odd-numbered days are counterclockwise” “Even-numbered days are clockwise”
  • Outdoor running course “Odd-numbered days are clockwise” “Even-numbered days are counterclockwise”
  • When using the running course, please wear indoor shoes.
  • Junior high school students and above are allowed to use the running course. Elementary school students and below using the facility must be accompanied by their guardians.
  • As a general rule, the inner lane is for walking and the outer lane is for passing.
  • If you are using the facility as a group, you are not allowed to use the running course.
  • The usage status of each running course will be indicated at the 3F General Reception desk, Training Room and course entrance.

Suspension of Usage

Indoor Running Course

There may be cases where the indoor running course cannot be used due to tournaments and events.
Thank you for your understanding in advance.

Outdoor Running Course

The outdoor running course may be closed if usage is judged to be dangerous for the following reasons.
Also, the facility use fee will not be refunded for this reason.
Thank you for your understanding in advance.

Running Course Guideline

The Criteria for Suspension of Usage

  • Employees will decide if usage will be suspended, and will make an announcement on the day of suspension or one day prior.
  • In case there is a rain warning, typhoon or storm warning, snow warning, flood warning or lightning warning announced for Minato City. (until the warning is released.)
  • In case the course is wet and the usage is judged to be dangerous.
  • In case it started raining during operation and the usage is judged to be dangerous.
  • In case of drizzle or wind, the standard of the Meteorological Agency is applied. (precipitation: 10-20 mm/h, average wind speed: 10-15 m/s)
  • The usage is decided depending on the weather on that day.
  • In case it is certain that it will rain all morning, but the weather will clear up in the afternoon, the usage may be suspended because the course may be wet and slippery.
  • In case a typhoon is forecasted to approach and the facility is within the forecasted area of the storm on that day.
  • In case the course is wet due to sudden unpredicted rain, the usage may be suspended. Your understanding is appreciated.
  • In case the weather clears up and the usage is judged to be safe, the running course may be available for use.

Rules and Manners During Use

  • You are not allowed to enter with track spikes.
  • You are not allowed to use the facility for purposes other than running or walking.
  • After using the outdoor running course, use the shoe wiping mat located on the entrance to wipe your shoes before returning inside the facility.
  • The outdoor running course may not be available for use depending on the weather. Also, there may be sudden suspension of usage during the day. Your understanding is appreciated.
  • Talking on cell phones or smartphones, text messaging, photography and recording are not permitted. If you take photos or record any video/audio, you will be asked to delete the data.
  • Eating is not allowed on the running course. Please eat in the designated area inside the facility.
  • Please check if your surroundings are safe before entering or exiting the course.
  • Please do not engage in an act that will block the course.
  • Please slow down at the curves to avoid collision (accidents) between users.
  • Sprints, interval training and relays are not permitted.
  • Please refrain from unreasonable passing behavior.
  • Usage while using your cell phone is not permitted.
  • You will be asked to leave if you are shouting or talking in a loud voice, or if you are engaging in disruptive, risky behavior.

Please follow the rules and manners.

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  • Training Room, Pool and Sports Halls can be used until 10:00pm.
  • Final entry at 9:30pm
■Center Holidays
  • End/start of yearDecember 31-January 3
  • 1st Monday of each monthWhen this falls on a holiday, the next day will be a facility holiday.