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Shiba Park Multipurpose Sports Field (Aqua Field Shiba Park)

Shiba Park Multipurpose Sports Field (Aqua Field Shiba Park)1

Shiba Park Multipurpose Sports Field (Aqua Field Shiba Park)2

Facility Details

Location 2-7-2 Shibakoen, Minato City 105-0011

Overview of Facilities

Main pool

50m x 18m, 8 lanes
Water depth is subject to change according to time of day.

For more information, contact Aqua Field Shiba Park.
Children’s pool


Lights available for nighttime use
Futsal pitch
(Excluding summer season)

Field Holidays
Artificial turf, 3 courts

25m x 15m with lights available for nighttime use

Field Holidays

  • Pool
    Monday, July 15, 2019 *Minato City Swim Meet. General users not admitted.
    Monday, August 5, 2019 *Suspended operations due to regular cleaning.
    (*Dates vary across years.)
  • Futsal
    1st and 3rd Monday of every month
  • End/start of year

Times of Use

Pool open from July 1 to September 15.

Pool July/August 9:00-20:00
Open until September 15 9:00-17:00
Futsal From the final week of September until the first week of June 9:00-20:00

Use Fees

Pool 2 hours: adults 600 yen, children (E/JH/H school-age) 100 yen
*Time extension fee (up to 1 hour) adults 300 yen, children 50 yen
*Pre-school age children, Minato City seniors age 65 and older who can present ID, and disabled Minato City residents are exempt from paying use fees.
(Disabled users not residing in Minato City will be subject to regular fees.)
(From the final week of September until the first week of June)
2 hours: 2,600 yen, 1 hour lighting: 200 yen
*Lighting use times subject to change seasonally.

Methods of Use


Use the ticket vending machine at the facilities.

People not eligible to enter the pool

  • Children of less than 3 years of age
  • Children that wear diapers
  • People not wearing swimming attire
  • Intoxicated people
  • People with dermatological and other health issues
  • People with exposed tattoos
  • People who cannot follow the Rules & Precautions

Rules & Precautions

  • Please note swimming pool use times also include changing times.
  • People who are not wearing swimming attire are not allowed in the pool, even with an attendant.
  • Children in grade 3 or under must be accompanied by a guardian (high school-age or older).
    (Up to 2 children are allowed per guardian.)
  • After 5pm, children junior high school-age and below must be accompanied by a guardian (high school-age or older).
    (Up to 2 children are allowed per guardian.)
  • Diving and submerging one’s self is prohibited.
  • Sun tan oils, creams, and sunblock are prohibited.
    (We appreciate your cooperation in keeping the pool water clean.)
  • Paddles, fins, and other swimming gear are prohibited.
  • Floating mats, inflatable animals, beachballs, and other inflatable toys are not allowed in the pool.
    (Only donut-shaped inflatable rings that fit around the body may be used.)
  • All glasses, watches, metal accessories, and hats must be removed before entering the pool.
    (This is to avoid injuries when making contact with other users, and to prevent mechanical failure of the equipment.)
  • Photographs and video recording are strictly prohibiting.
    (Please refrain from taking selfies.)
  • Have appropriate indoor footwear for the 2nd floor terrace and at the poolside.
    (Entering the pool area with outside footwear is prohibited.)
  • Eating by the poolside is prohibited. Please eat in the 1st floor lobby or 2nd floor terrace.
  • Bringing or consuming alcoholic beverages in the pool area is prohibited.
    (We may inspect your bags in some circumstances.)
  • We cannot admit people who have consumed alcohol.
    (If we discover that you have consumed alcohol, you may be asked to leave.)
  • Smoking is prohibited throughout the premises. (Smoking in the vicinity is subject to Minato Ward smoking bylaws.)
    (Please also refrain from using e-cigarettes and Iqos.)
  • People with exposed tattoos (including stickers) are not admitted.
    (Please cover tattoos with rash guards, tape or supporters.)
  • Please wear appropriate swimwear.
    (Swim attire that exposes too much, see-through swim attire, and thongs are prohibited.)
    (Our staff may otherwise inform you when we have received complaints from other users.)
  • We may ask people who are causing trouble for others, or engaging in dangerous activity, or who otherwise do not follow the instructions of the lifeguard to leave. Thank you for your cooperation.
  • If lightning, heavy rains, or a typhoon occur during swimming, the pool may be closed for the safety of all users.
  • Please swim safely and refrain from the following activities.
    1) Diving
    2) Submerging yourself/swimming underwater
    3) Running around the pool
    4) Holding your breath etc.
  • Eating by the pool is prohibited. Please eat in the lobby or the 2nd floor terrace.


The futsal pitch requires group registration through the facility reservation system.

  • Spikes cannot be worn on the artificial turf.
  • Refrain from activity that would cause trouble to surrounding residents. (making loud noises, training/warming up outside of the field).

Public Transport Access Map

1-min walk from Shiba Koen Station on the Toei Mita Line
5 min walk from Daimon Station on the Toei Asakusa Line/Oedo Line
9 min walk from Kanasugibashi exit, Hamamatsucho Station on the JR Yamanote Line
3 min walk from Shibazonobashi Bus Stop between Shibuya Station and Shimbashi Station on Toei Bus To 06 Route
*Parking not available.
*Please refrain from coming to the facilities by car or motorcycle.

■External Links
■Operating Hours


  • Training Room, Pool and Sports Halls can be used until 10:00pm.
  • Final entry at 9:30pm
■Center Holidays
  • End/start of yearDecember 31-January 3
  • 1st Monday of each monthWhen this falls on a holiday, the next day will be a facility holiday.